What we Like: Up do’s 2012

We’ve been talking about summer looks, summer trends, but what about summer trends for this hot weather?

I must say I LOVE my hair down but once in while is a great sensation to feel the air blowing through your neck, so here are my favorite up do’s for you try during this season! But relax, the next ones are not impossible to do at home so Please: TRY THIS AT HOME! =)

Dianna’s Do is simple and pretty chic and her hair color is lovely!! but oh, well, let’s try it!

Let your hair dry. Do a small braid parting all your hair but the one in the right front, I must be honest and tell you I don’t know how to do this braid but you can try with the only one you know that is the basic one. Try to pull your hair in a bun but not too tight, loose it a little bit and grab your braid and pull it back with pins! Don’t pull it too tight cause believe me you are going to look weird! 😛

 This is one is so simple that you can do it right before you leave home.
If you have long bang this will work perfect for you.
Let your hair dry, after this pull your bang (in the front) across your face, once again, try not to pull it too close to your forehead cause is going to look like pasted to your face! and grab the bangs with a pin after it pull your hair to the side and after you do the first turn with your hair band try not to finish the last turn with your hair and is going to look unfinished and messy and there you go! =)
I love her hairstyle, and it would be easier if you have you hair cut in different lenghts.
Like  always let dry your hair. After it you can plan with the side you want your hair to be and also you can add a little/small braid in your messy hair, after it you can  pull it back in a loose ponytail or bun, and you can try it to the side or to the back, it will look great anyway!
This one might be last season but still classy!
You have to consider that you have to have long hair cause the fron braid goes from the front to inside the messy bun on the back. Just don’t forget the braid is sticked to the scalp and it ends inside the bun with pins. Remember, keep it messy! if not you’re going to look like if you were going to a wedding.
This one is less complicated, sin the braid is loose and a little bigger than the other ones and the main difference is that her bun is up! Do your ponytail as usual and mess it up with pins.
This one is almost the same at the last one but this one doesn’t have a braid, just short bangs covering sides of your face.
So, there you have!
Try one of these for all the week and let the sun illuminate your face!

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