What Did I learn from: 10 Things I hate about YOU!

Soo..here’s my story! I was watching “3rd rock from the sun” (yes, old tv-show) and then I was just starting to google every character from the show wondering what did they do with their lives! Fortunately, most of them still have succesfull carrers, starting with Joseph Gordon Levitt or John Lithgow, and even Sally (Kristen Johnston) with the last roll i remember in Bride Wars, anyway, my point was that I remember Bianca (Larisa Oleynik) was in that show as Tommy’s Boyfriend, so I went to IMDB.com and I looked up for her, and there it was: 10 things I hate about you!. I remembered how much I loved this movie (Must admit 200% chickflick) and then I started to think what Did I learn from this movie?

So here it goes my list of What I’ve learned from 10 things I hate about you!

1. Heath Ledger is HOT and he sings! 

I remember watching this movie from the first time, I fell in love with him as he was just singing to Kat, and the was he points his finger at her..so cute! 🙂

2. Is ok to give a chance to the new/normal kid in school or another one could be: If you go to a new school put your hopes on the most popular girl, she’s going to like you, eventually.

I didn’t like Bianca at first. She was just self centered and then after she got angry with Kat, pff teenagers! u.u but then I liked her cause she gave Cameron a chance to fight for her… *SPOILERS: and it worked at the end! 🙂

3. Playing paintball is fun and harmless

I don’t know about you, but according to what I know paintball is painfull after all the bruises you get while playing with a GUN and strategies from hide and seek, but noo..apparentyl is fun and romantic since you run in a little space with ballons filled with paint, why not?

4. Teachers are not by your side.

I think this is a really fun scene, where Kat defends her point of view in fron of the teacher and he says he agrees with her and then sent her to the principal’s office and then …almost at then end she agrees with what the teacher is saying and he sent her to the principal’s office again! You just can’t win.

5. The car Insurance doesn’t cover PMS.

Enough said. hahaha

6. You buy colored underwear because you want someone to see it.

According to Bianca when they found black underwear in kat’s room.

7. When people arrives to a party it should be in a large group at the same time.

Really? In my experience, when you go a someone arrives first, then maybe a group of 4, then a couple, and the people start coming, but noooo, this time everyone decided to meet at school and go together or what?

8. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want.

Wise words from Patrick  (Heath Ledger!)

9. There are some decent guys out there.

Sweet Patrick! :3 When he has the chance to kiss Kat he doesn’t because she’s drunk and he doesn’t want to take advantage of her.

10. Is ok for a girl to shut a guy up with a kiss.

Well, in this case Cameron starts complaining about how selfish is Bianca and well what did she do? kiss him. Logic.

11. Teachers in charge of detention are weird and crazy.

If you’re sweating like a pig, you are nervous and your eyes are all bloodshot: you have po! and he can confiscate the pot and the cheetos! u.u

12. You can walk away from detention and no one will notice.

Well, after a girl flashing her boobs is what most of the people would do, don’t you think?

13. Pedal boats are not fun.

No matter how hard you do it, it looks like is in the same place all the time!

14. Your best friends can betray you.

I hated the part in the restroom when Bianca’s friend tell her that Joey just wanted to sleep with her. Besides, if Joey took her to the prom is because she was the last choice!! Bianca was first!

15. A tiny innocent girl can punch a tall and strong guy.

Go Bianca, GO!

16. Apparently, the best way to get revenge on a guy is …to read the poem you wrote to him in class IN FRONT OF HIM.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the poem and I think that’s the best part of the movie, but I think it wasn’t the right choice to say it right after you found out that he lied to you all the time (even tough he really liked her, we know that she doesn’t)

17. The best way to say I’m sorry is with an expensive gift.

And that’s the way everything is forgiven! :3

I really loved this movie and it taught me a lot of important lessons! 😛

What Did it teach you?


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