Wallet Wednesday: How I save $100+ every month!

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As we grow older, we start to realize that it’s time to save some bucks to actually invest in ourselves. Here are some tips to save around $100 USD per month.

1.Search and use coupons

Before going to the store, check out your email for coupons sent through their email list. For Example: Before going to Payless, check out for the 20% coupon that they send at least once a month. Another example is Bath and Body Works.  They will send you an email of $10 off $30. The wait is worth it!

2. If you don’t need it right away, wait for a sale


I repeat, if you don’t need it DON’T BUY IT until there is a sale. For example: If you would’ve bought a Michale Kohrs purse back in November, you would’ve missed the 50% sale that it’s going on right now! Wait and double check when the sales are going to happen.

3. Buy in bulk

This is the most logical savings advice. But wait! This doesn’t mean go to Costco and buy everything! It means that, in your local grocery store, you should buy in bulk. Some of the stores have Buy 5, get 1 free or 2 for 1. These discounts are usually good! Just be sure that you are searching how much is the $$ per Lb.

Also, if you like any type of cereals, go to the bulk section and buy it from there. For example, oatmeal, coffee, seeds, etc.

4. Look out for clearance shelves

Ohhhh, gotta love the clearance. But wait, I am not talking about clothes; I am talking about food! Most of the grocery stores have clearances, either on the side or in a hidden place in the store. Just be careful to overbuy stuff just because there are cheap. Remember: IF YOU DON’T NEED IT, DON’T BUY IT!

EXAMPLE: My grocery store, has dairy products from $4.00 to $.75. (Check out the expiration date). Also, they have a section where you can find clearance bread. Finally, if you look close, sometimes there are a few items, that are marked on clearance because they’re about to expire: I bought a coffee creamer from $4.99 to $.75 and it’s going to expire in May. Hey! I can finish that before May for sure!

Oooh.. I almost forgot! My favorite deal is when the salads are about to spoil and they give them for $1. Perfect!!

5. Shop Second-Hand stores


My favorite! In Texas, we have Clothes Mentor, Plato’s closet, and Uptown Cheapskate. These stores have relatively new brand items for a good price. I have found tons of things in here for a great price. And what I like the most, is that you have a lot of brands to choose from.

Also, for big items. Search for facebook marketplace. There are tons of things that you don’t need to buy new. You can find many cheap things. Give it a look!

6. Make a grocery shopping list

This is something that I never did until now! I look for recipes and plan what meals I am going to cook and what are the snacks I need, etc. Write it down and stick to it. I know it’s hard but if you end up buying more things, they might spoil (I hate that). Also, before going to the store, check out their website and see if there are any coupons available for the items you have to buy

7. Buy off-brand items

There is not much to say about this because it’s self-explanatory. Just be aware that sometimes, the knock-off brand is almost the same price as the original. Make sure it’s worth it

8. Cut the cable


Let’s be honest, do you really need cable? We were paying almost $100 USD per month for cable and Wi-Fi. We barely watch cable and it was just a waste. We switched to Roku and we pay Nextflix and Hulu. You have almost the same shows and movies and no commercials! 🙂

9. Use reusable water bottles


I know water is not that expensive, but it adds up. What we did is that we bought a water dispenses, those that are cold-hot-cool and we get water from that. We fill out our water bottles and that’s it. No complications and no more trash!

10. Try clean eating!


This might be confusing but hear me out. Most of the produce, such as tomatoes, potatoes, etc. are really cheap. So, if you want to start a healthier lifestyle, start buying things and make it from scratch. I have been seeing a few USD off my grocery bill because of this. It’s worth the try!


So there you have it! Believe me, even you do 5 of this, you will see how much you can save! But tell me, what are your secrets to save money? Please share with us!

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