Vacations..!!! Without leaving town..?

Summer’s here (thank God after months of writing and waiting for it) but unfortunately I’m glued to the city during these months because I’m such a hard working girl and well.. I still don’t have days off at work. u.u

So.. I’ve been thinking..should I stick to boredom while my friends are enjoying the beach or touring around Europe?! No WAY!!! I’m going to share with you my ideas to feel like vacationing, without actually going of out town.

1. Be a tourist in your own town: I’m pretty sure you haven’t been in that main touristic attraction on your town.. imagine you invited a friend from another state? what would you show to her/him? Yep, thats your answer.. go over there..!.. It might be not the statue of liberty or the niagara falls but Im pretty sure your town has something great to offer

2. A zoo? u.u: Think twice!: Is been ages since I went to a Zoo that is 20 minutes from home because ive been there already.. well..thats a MISTAKE! is always good and it will make you happy to look up for different animal species.. go for it! just be sure to wear sunglasses or a cap… (In my case, omg, is pretty pretty HOT outside and we have no giraffes 🙁 but still pretty good! )… Well.. maybe is not Singapore but just try it once a while ( )

3. Winter land.. on SUMMER?: Yeeeiii.. ice skating!!! is kinda new for my town to have an ice rink.. but that time when my friend and I went crazy and try to actually skate over it.. it was really fun!! Just be sure to bring a jacket..YES A JACKET! and gloves!! just try not to fall off.. and if you do.. is fun too! hahah my friend just glide really slower till she hit the floor.. hahaha very funny! ..I know is not winter and is not NY’s wollman rink but think how much fun you are going to have. ( )

4. Fancy dinner with friends!: How many times a week yo actually get really dressed up and use high heels and do something with your hair? imagine you are in Paris or something like that.. put on your best dress and go for a really fancy dinner in that famous place.. probably not like L.A. but you will find something close to it and.. handsome guys too! :3

5. Staying in a Hotel!!!: You and your friends can pay the bill and stay in a fancy hotel with pool!!! you will just feel in another place in an instant.. this is a must every single girl should do! 🙂 It might not be like the #1 hotel in 2012: Singita Grumeti Reserves, Serengeti National Park in Tanzania but I know we have lots of creativity to make it better than it is!

6. Photo shoots… on the park?: YES PLEASE!!! go to the natural parks or recreation areas, if you’re lucky Im sure you have mountains near and you can improve your hiking or just go to a national park and take lots of pictures.. with your friends, family, alone, why not? Just make the best from that day…Be creative, wear bright colors and smile for the camera… if you live in NYC you just know where to go.. (my favorite place in NYC)

7. Romantic Getaway -IF- you’re not single: Usually a get away for us means just go away from the city, well bad news you just have a weekend and is more like 2 days.. but traveling for hours is more like 1 and half day together.. instead, just show off your cooking skills and make an awesome dinner or just plan something between you too from all the options I just suggest! 🙂

I’m sure that after you reading this.. many ideas came to your mind and there you are, just take advantage of every single weekend to make the best out of it.. remember we are young and we have all the right to have fun!! We need a moment to relax and have fun! =)


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