True Happiness Lies within You

“We don’t have all we want, but currently we’ve got everything we need”

There comes a point in life when we ask ourselves: am I truly happy? How do I persue happiness? Do I have everything I want? What else do I need? If you start questioning any of these, maybe it’s time to reassess your feelings, value the people around you, enjoy ALL that you have now, live in the present and stop the “what if”

Try this next time…

Never be afraid to tell someone “I was wrong” or “I’m sorry”

Embrace yourself just the way you are

Stop look for “outside” validation

Always forgive, now or later

Distance yourself from drama, it’s contagious

Joan Smalls

Always wear a smile even if  you don’t “feel” it

Make time for yourself

Stop trying to “beat” others in everything, it’ll only bring momentary “joy”

Be grateful

Embrace failure, it’s an unforgettable lesson


Speak the truth, falseness it’s like a disease growing inside

Don’t force anything, flow with it

Take small steps, the sure steppingstones for greatness

Enjoy each day

Treat others with love & kindness

Coco Rocha

Surround yourself with people that bring the best of you

Stop trying to please everyone

Do good, plant a “seed” today & it will grow into a beautiful “plant” tomorrow

Be generous to others & to yourself

Speak good qualities, instead of gossip


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