The Album That Drove Me Crazy.

When you hear a song and you feel more than just the lyrics, you know that kind of feeling when your hips just have to move, that is when you know you are listening to a real artist.

Yes. YES ladies and gentlemen I am going to be talking about the one and only album by Camila Cabello, CAMILA. Everything started when Camila decided to leave that group called Fifth Harmony, and after that, all of the sudden, all I wanted to do was to go to freaking Havana.

Camila Cabello - OMG (ft. Quavo)

This album is filled with its unique sound and style. Camila does not use any of the regular beats like pop, and all of those bad sounds, she instead uses her roots from Cuba and turns every Cuban sound into something likable. Her voice, her moves, her videos, the pictures, EVERYTHING is perfect about this album.

Here’s the tracklist and my thoughts on each of the songs:

  1. Never Be The Same. This song reminds me of my first love, “…just like nicotine, heroine, morphine…”  this line represents the obsession someone has when they meet their first everything! Suddenly that person becomes your drug and you think that if they leave nothing’s going to be the same anymore. I think this song is beautifully written and produced, also well put as the first in the album, because Camila after leaving 5H will never be the same.
  2. All These Years.  The guitar in this song is POWER! The lyrics represent this love that you could never let go of, I feel like it’s when you play pretend that you’re good without them but then BOOM! they’re back again and you forget about anyone and everyone. Having that little secret to herself, Camila wrote this song after all these years.
  3. She Loves Control. One word, DANCE. OOOOOHHH MYYYYY SWEEET POTATOES. The beat in this song is just like that beat you neeeeeed to dance to, it’s a beat you can’t stop. The word control contradicts itself because we all know no one can’t control their body when they listen to this song.
  4. Havana. Do i even need to explain my love for this song? Does anyone really hate this song? If yes, WHY?! Havana is so catchy that my brother in law, who hates music today, sings it. All I wanna do is go to Cuba, play this, and dance on the street with a stranger. GIVE CAMILA THAT GRAMMY FOR THIS SONG!
  5. Inside Out. Okay, here we get more Cuban beats, and that instrument that I don’t know what it’s called haha. This song is beautiful if you know how to dance salsa, it has the perfect beats and sounds. All of my salsa dance instructors out there will use this, BET.
  6. Consequences. I cry every time I listen to this song. “Every siren that I was ignoring, I’m paying for it.” This represents that love that was wrong for you but damn it, you didn’t want to see it.  I think the way Camila sings this is so passionate and real, it transfers me to the place that I was when this song happened to me. I give this song five stars everyone, my favorite so far.
  7. Real Friends. Again, the guitar in this song is POWER! This song is just chill and fun, but the lyrics are wow. “I’m just looking for some real friends, all they ever do is let me down.” We’ve all been there am I right? THANK YOU Camila for writing the truth.
  8. Something’s Gotta Give. Camila’s voice in this is unique and unexplainable. “No reason to stay is a good reason to go.” I feel like this is the break up song that every album needs to have.  Also, the one when you really just give up, and honestly it sends the message really well. This is the song I will be singing after my next relationship fails, so like never because I’m lonely and always single.
  9. In The Dark.  I don’t know why but this songs takes me back to my childhood for some reason. I really like the feels it gives me.
  10. Into It. BOY! I want to dance to this song to everyone around me. I really like this one, and I like the fact that this is the last song, because it’s like telling the listener “be into it. be into this album. dig it.” on repeeeeat! Haha this is greeeeat!

Like I said, this album is great and for sure know I’ll never be the same after listening to this beautiful masterpiece.


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Carolina ~.~

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