Taylor Swift drops “End Game” Music video and here are our thoughts.

Taylor Swift AGAIN! does not fail to impress us with her music videos! The parties, the story lines, and all that good stuff that we hoped would come out from this unique era!

The video screams paaaarty!!! What a good way to start this new year of 2018!!!pexels-photo-450301.jpeg

We see Taylor wearing all these amazing outfits throughout the video (my favorite the colorful striped dress.) Traveling and partying around Miami , Tokyo, and London, Ed Sheeran and Future join Taylor and it looks like they are there to END the GAME! Haaaaa!! In my opinion, I love story lines, and it depresses me when taylor has videos of her JUST partying and having fun, like c’mon Taylor give me the hot guy who waits for you because he wants you to be his end game! But I guess it’s okay if we get a video of her wearing the most amazing clothes, and partying like it’s the end of the world.


  1. ALL THE DRINKING. Okay yeah I know she’s like 27 now but I still see her singing “Fifteen” while she crays with her best friend Abigail.
  2. THE “SNAKE” DANCE. I was expecting something else, I don’t know but I really liked Taylor doing that move.
  3. THE PARTYING. TAYLOR HAS FUN LIKE A ROCKSTAR?! NO WAY!! Yes, yes she does, and I’m pretty sure it’s not only in the video.
  4. THAT RAINDOW DRESS. OBSESSED, well at least i was.
  5. TAYLOR NOT GIVING A DAMN ABOUT HER REPUTATION. Because that’s what this era is all about! 


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Can i just say one last thing?

LET MY GIRL TAYLOR DANCE MOOOOOORE!!pexels-photo-270968.jpeg

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Carolina ~.~

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