So.. Kiss Me! Hot Lip Colors for Summer 2012! :*

Ready, set, GO! :*

Summer is around the corner, out bathing suit should be ready, our hair healthy, and our lips ready to kiss! =)

The new tendencies for this summer are really HOT! You must try these colors and just hipnotize with your lips!

  • HOT PINK: I love pink in everything, I know it sounds cliché for a girl to say it but is true! Is really feminine! Just remember not to wear too much blush with it! and Keep the rest of your makeup simple!
  • HOT RED: I love red lips but my father doesn’t agree with it! 😛 Just remember the pale your color is the bigger is going to pop the color! Don’t be scare of wearing it! Just remember, skip eyeliner, and go straight with your eyelashes and use almost nothing of blush!
  • TANGERINE TANGO: I love this color, I recently received as a gift a MAC tangerine lipstick from a friend and I love it! Keep it simple! And instead or bright blush use a bronzer. Tangerine is almost as a new red, just be confident that you can pull it off!
  • GUAVA: This one has a lot of competition since it looks like fuchsia and coral! Try to wear it this summer!
So, here are the ideas! Next thing is to try! Remember the rules are mean to be broken but if you dont feel confident to pull this off you could/should start with a lighter/weak color! Is all about you feeling confident! 😉

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