Shhh!!: What I’ve always wanted to wear… from those famous chick-flicks!

Hello my lovely lonely readers!

Let me tell you this: I was watching the TV on a cold winter night (yes, like a week ago haha) and It came up: “10 things I hate about you” and the first thing I said to my lil’ sister: I’ve always wanted to wear that dress! (you know, the one Bianca uses for prom). I know it’s silly but I began to think what I wanted to wear as a kid/teenager and I didn’t have the chance to, soooo.. here is my list of what I’ve always wanted to wear during the 90’s-00’s.

*How  to lose a guy in 10 days!

Yes, you don’t have to tell me, because I know every girl who watched this movie wanted so badly to, one day, wear this dress.

10 things

*The Notebook!

I must confess that I loved every single outfit Allie wore during the movie. I love the hairstyles and accessories BUT this dress is a highlight: 1. Because Its really pretty and 2. Because while wearing that dress, “THE SCENE” happened. *sigh*



This movie is not only awesome but it gave us a really pretty dress who every girl wanted to wear at prom! (yes, don’t deny it, it crossed your mind while picking the one) At least, 2 or 3 of my friends wanted it and here it is on my list. I really love the color.. I MUST have a dress like this one!


*10 Things I hate about you!

I know, I know.. it looks kinda ugly now but I remember back then that I thought this dress was pretty cool! hahaha. it had everything.. a big skirt, a cool color and a casual blouse.. Yes, everything I wanted back then! Don’t deny it, you kinda like it too!


*Britney Spears / “Crazy” outfit

Oooh, Britney, she does it every time! I remember when I saw this video! I was obssesed with the dance moves!!! And I really wanted that green top so baaad!!!britney

*Center Stage!

If you dance and you watched this movie of course you wanted this outfit! Not only the outfit but the red pointe shoes!


*The Devil wears Prada

I really like every outfit Anne Hathaway wore during this movie, but this one I loved! It’s the one she wears when she needs to drop the book at Miranda’s.


*Dirty Dancing.

I know is not an awesome dress but the fact that she dances in it makes you want it. dirty

*When In Rome

I must add that this is my favorite chick flick of all the times! I can’t get enough of it. And of course, I love this dress. Someday I will wear it.. I promise! 😉



Did you really think I was forgetting this awesome movie!¡? Well, think again. I loved every outfit..I love the skirts and the bright colors of them. Specially this dress. I know it’s now that great but I don’t know, i just liked it.grease

*Ice Princess.

One of my many many dreams was artistic skating so I watched the movie and Gosh I wanted to be one. And this dress, was really really pretty along with the music and the movie situation.Ice Princess

*Miss Congeniality

Last but not least, the movie I’ve seen over 200 times! hahaha… I loved this dress but specially the crown!! I wanted one.. But when I went to NY they only had the green ones! u.u hahaha.. at least I got the memory.miss


*Sailor Moon

Back when I was a kid, I watched cartoons and I fell in love with this one! Everything in this cartoon was perfect! PERFECT! and like every girl, I wanted to have a Sailor moon costume! And finally did, 2 or 3 years ago!! Although there were many outfits, ill always like the first one!


Do you have any others in mind?

let us know.


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  1. lol sailor moon! I loved princess serenity’s dress! and King Darien’s outfit (not tuxedo mask’s gag me!) but serenity’s dress was pretty!
    an award perhaps?

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