Saturday Stuff: The Reasons Why Target Is The Best!

A few days ago, my sister and I went to Target, and I didn’t realize how cool it was until we started this blog and I needed something to write about. Everyone loves Target and no one can say the opposite. We will never know if it’s the red color or just all of the cheap promos that live in that place. Some people say that whenever they go to Target they have to control themselves, because if not they end up buying everything in there!

WE GOT IT COVERED! Here are some good reasons why Target is best:




Yes people, yes! We all love walking through this section! The funny thing is, even though you know you don’t need these things: YOU WILL BUY THEM. Everything is so cheap and beautifully made, no one can miss out on this.

BTW: I bought the “YES, PLEASE” bottle, I drink water like crazy for some reason.

NOW WE GO TO: The “Sales” Section


Alright, in the picture you can see lots of pretty cool stuff. What you don’t know is that all of this stuff can actually matches! YOU CAN GET EVERYTHING 70% OFF!!! 

FYI: I bought the purse, and the glasses. NO REGRETS. 

OH MY GOD: The Housing Section


No kidding, you can literally find everything for your new house, dorm, bathroom, room, etc. You’re going to change the style for your house? GO TO TARGET! Everything is there.

BABIES: I Don’t Know


All of the toys for babies and children are soooo cute. And guess what? They actually like them! Something that always makes me so excited is when I go through the baby section. The clothes for this section are so original, small, beautiful, unique, it makes me cry. Target is a really good place to find a gift for that baby shower you’re going to next weekend.

HAVE FUN: Well, teenagers


I know for sure every teenager has fun in Target; from getting into a cart to looking through the Halloween section. C’mon people it’s Target all of your dreams come true in this place! 

Target is so good to spend a few hours in there, it’s like going to a whole different world. So, after reading this, what are your plans for tomorrow? Target?


Carolina ~.~



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