My must-have lipsticks!

Hello Hearties! Thinking about the national lipstick today (Yesterday [Yes, I was in shock as you are]), I decided to look out for my favorite lipsticks that at some point was my obsession, I mean you go to the beauty aisle and you already have liner, mascara, foundations but there are two things you can never have too many: nail polish and LIPSTICKS!

Anyways, here is my lipstick must haves !!

PS. My question right now is: Where are my other lipsticks!!? hahaha..

My orange/peach like one

Revlon Color Burst Lip Butter, Tutti Frutti $7.49 usd.. I bought this one thinking, yeah I should have an orange one, it kinda look weird at first and it doesn’t last that long :/ and later on, I bought Clinique’s Chubby stick intense in 04 heftiest hibiscus $17.00 usd and I love it more!!

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My rosie one!

This one is by Maybelline Super stay 14 hr lipstick 020 Eternal Rose $8.99 usd. It does stay, it has a bright color and it’s kinda matte, which I like. So if you wanna try a pinkish bright this is the one for you.

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My Matte Red one

This is by Rimmel London lasting finish by Kate Lipstick 01 $4.97 usd. I honestly bought this because I saw it was cheap, red and long lasting so I thought that I should give it a try and I’m not disappointed. It’s matte, it’s seductive red Taylor swift style! Even tough it’s not 6 hrs lasting it does it job and I recommend it.


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My long lasting one!

I use Stila stay all day liquid lipstick fiery 01 $22.00 usd. How can I begin with this one.. I wanted a red matte lipstick but one that it really lasts for 12 hrs because being a dancer, in your shows or competitions, your lipstick has to be perfect and red was our choice for each one of them. So, I went to Sephora and asked, which one do you think is worth the shot? This lady told me that Stila has a good one that is going to last all day so I said, pff,, ok. I’ll take it. I honestly thought, mmhh, it looks like a lip gloss, so I think is not going to last all day, I’ve never been so wrong! hahaha.. this one lasts 12 hrs if not more! actually, I slept with it to give it a try and yes, it was there on the morning! No stains on the pillow! Beware! it’s really pigmented and it has a strong color! The only thing that I don’t like is that you have to be careful to apply it because once is there, you have to use make up remover to take it out! And you have to have very moisturized lips, if not, the you’ll see the cracks on your lips and it looks bad! 🙁












My every day one

This one is Buxom Full-on lipstick in Bombay color $19.00 Usd. This one is a gem! Not because it’s not that expensive, or the duration, it’s because the color!. The color is so natural that it matches your lips and give them a full and even color. They say it supposes to give you more volume and I don’t see it honestly, what I feel is a little bit of freshness in the lips, like mint.. I don’t know how to explain it but that feeling is there. I really recommend it! PS. It doesn’t dry your lips and it has a decent duration. Try it!!

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Ok, so  there you have them! I think it’s important to have one of each for every occasion! But tell me more, which are you favorites?! I really wanna know because I really want to try more! Give me your recommendation!!!



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