Most Romantic Places on Earth ♡ (Part 2)

It’s February, the month of love !  So I came up with my list of the most romantic places !

Venice Canals

Venezia, Italia.

Venice Canal

It is  said to be the “romantic capital” of the world.

VeniceNarrow canals replace streets, with tiny arched bridges connecting the old buildings.

A variety of boats replace cars.

The sound of singing gondoliers echoes down the canals.


The romantic city of water is the couples perfect getaway !

 Huerto de Calixto y Melibea

Salamanca, España.


Spain’s answer to Romeo and Juliet.

The garden where Calixto and Melibea used to meet and hid their affair and misadventures.


Just after crossing the arched entrance, the garden takes you back to Medieval times, where you ask a well wishes of eternal love.


All types of plants, trees and shrubs, push back the clock of history to ancient times.


The mixture of romance, love, nature  and beautiful sunsets, make the garden of Calixto and Melibea an unforgettable place !

Shakespeare Garden

Central Park, New York.


No need to go to Europe, we got those same fantastic gardens right here !

 It is in the spring and early summer that the garden is at its finest, bursting with blooms and fragrant blossoms.


Third Part will be up shortly, what do you think about this last three ?

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  1. Me gustaria ir a Venecia!! 😀

  2. Love your choices and the photos are amazing!

    1. Thank you Anita! 🙂

      Carmina B.

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