Make Up review: Bye Bye Redness by IT Cosmetics

Make Up Review: Bye Bye Redness by IT Cosmetics

Cost: $32.00

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥♡ 4/5


Hey Girls!

I’m back with a review that is worth mention. This little thing called Bye Bye Redness by IT cosmetics came out of nowhere and it’s been out for while but I just didn’t feel like trying it until my hormones decided to play with me face and got adult acne. -Damn you unannounced things on my face!! XD –

The thing is that I’ve been trying anything out in the market for directly skin care you know, like moisturizers, cleansers, etc, etc (That’s another story) and my make up wasn’t good enough, even tough it was kinda expensive -_- However, I went through blogs, you tube videos and I found this little brownish-reddish thing and I decided to give it a try. I’m glad I don’t have a severe Acne problem BUT I often have red spots and scars waiting to disappear. So I went to ULTA and bought it without giving it so much thinking.


I’ve been using it for more than a month that’s why it looks like half full.

I must say that I was surprised that it looks smaller that I thought it was but there it was, I went through my skin care routine and I applied before my makeup and I was really excited! It covered all the redness on my cheeks and chin! Be aware that if you have pimples or bumps it might turn them less red BUT the bump won’t disappear, at least you’ll feel that is not that noticeable red. I started to use it rarely because I thought it was going to finish it soon but no.. I’ve had with it more than a month and it looks like it’s going to last, for at least, 2 more months. I Used it before applying my Givenchy foundation and it looked good, although my foundation was not giving the best of it since I don’t use primer. I stopped using it and I just use this little correcting cream.


♡I seriously recommend it if you suffer that adult acne redness that is always there every month! u.u

♡Use a primer first if you are oily and make sure that you blend it really well! You don’t wanna have patches on your face if you use it without foundation.

♡You just need a little bit to cover your cheeks, DON’T rub a lot on your face!

♡Although is expensive, it will last for months.

♡I haven’t had any other reactions to it! Yeeeii!

♡Take care of it and don’t put your dirty fingers inside the cream!! :/

♡ Water proof!


</3 It’s not sun proof

</3 It won’t make your skin improve (At least for me, nothing has changed)

</3 Just one shade of color

</3 Not oil free

</3 Just covers redness, not other things (like little veins)

</3 A little bit difficult to apply! Be smart while applying it! What I do, I usually use a Q-tip to grab a little bit of product and draw some point all over my face and the blend it.



I hope you have a great experience with this product! If you do or if you don’t go ahead and post your comment below!


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