Los 10+: LDL: Long Distance Love Songs

Tenia que poner de alguna manera este top ten de las canciones que me han ayudado tanto y las cante tanto que realmente son parte de mi vida (y de mi ipod) .

Realmente es una lista larga, pero enumerare mis favoritas y pondre al final el resto, para que todos que tengan una relacion de este tipo las puedan cantar a todo pulmon y claro dedicarlas!!!

Asi que aqui estan:

10. Untouchable – Taylor Swift

” In the middle of the night when im in this dreams is like a million little starts spelling out your name..”

9. Wish you were here – Avril Lavigne

“I can be tough, I can be strong but with you is not like that at all..”

8. It wont be long – The Beatles

“It wont be long, till I belong to you…”

7. All my loving – The Beatles

“Close your eyes and Ill Kiss ya, tomorrow Ill miss ya, remember Ill always be true…”

6. Im Missing you – Meja

“I miss your love since youve been gone, summer sky dont mean a thing I tought Id always be strong…”

5.  Vanilla Twilight – Owl City,

“But I’ll miss your arms around me I’ll send a postcard to you dear, Cause I wish you were here…”

4. Ours – Taylor Swift

” And the verdict come from those with nothing else to do, the jury´s out my choice is you…”

3. Miles Away – Winger

“Sometimes, just for a moment, I reach out hope youll still there..”

2. Million Miles Away – Nikki Gil

“Wished that you were here, Cause it’s illusions every time you’re close to me and sing my love song, And it’s the only way I can tell the world I love you, altough you´re a million miles away

1. Counting down the days – Natalie Imbruglia

“You were right, I dont want to be here, if you´re gonna be there, was that supposed to happen? Ill hold tight Ill remember to smile, tought it has been a while and everyday´s without you…”


I will be there – Britney Spears

If i let you go – Westlife

Many the miles – Sarah Bareilles

A thousand miles – Vanessa Carlton

The Space in Between Us – Building 429

When you come back down – Nickel Creek

The Distance – Evan and Jaron

All Messed up – Breaking Point

I miss you – Incubus

On my mind – New Found Glory

When You´re gone – Avril Lavigne

Wish that I was there – Hanson

I will be right here waiting for you – Bryan Adams

Here Without you – 3 doors down

Leaving on a jet plane – John Denver / Matthew Morrison (GLEE)

Long Distance – Bruno Mars / Brandy

Hey there Delilah – Plain White T´s

Stare where I can see you – Starting Line

Broken – Seether

Kiss me trough the phone – Soulja Boy

Iris – Go Go Dolls

Dont wanna miss a thing – Aerosmith

Jet Lag – Simple Plan

An Ocean Apart – Julie Deply

Ill meet you halfway – The patridge family

Telephone – Sheena Easton

Everything Changes – Take that

Wait for me – Rebecca St. James

Whenever you call – Mariah Carey Ft. Brian Mcknight

The promise – Tracy Chapman

Your call – Secondhand Serenade

I get lonely too – Drake

A year without rain – Selena Gomez

Far Away – bamboo

California – Copeland

Carrying your love with me – George Strait

Im waiting – Cecile

Counting down the days – Claude Kelly

Distance and Time – Alicia Keys

Distance – Secondhand Serenade

From where you are – Lifehouse

I can wait forever – Simple Plan

Faithfully – Journey

Lucky – Jason Mraz Ft. Colbie Caillat

Patience – Guns & Roses

Million Miles Away – Pimsouls

So far away – Carol King

Meet me halfway – Black Eyed Peas

I hope you find it – Miley Cyrus

Everytime you go away – Paul Young

Aqui estan, debe de haber miles mas pero escogi las mejores para uds! (:

Mientras escucho Torn by Natalie Imbruglia, pueden comentar debajo de este post.


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