Let the [Fashion] Hats Come..!!

I dont know about you but I love hats!!! And whats better than normal hats? Winter hats of course!! Now that the cold weather is approaching, is time to warm your pretty head with these basic winter hats! Ok, now lets do this! First of all, the first rule! Never EVER say: My head doesn’t go along with hats! The thing is that you might be right but if we keep looking up for flaws we will never dare to try new things.. at least one of these options will fit you and don’t say no!

Here we go!

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Knit hats (beanies included)

Yes, these hats are the most famous during winter? Why? Because, first, they look good and second, they feel good!

There are many choices to pick from. Look up for the Gallery!


These ones are really special!! You have to feel confident to look really great (ssshh.. that’s the secret) but you will feel really comfortable which make you feel confident and then you’ll feel great.. Does that make sense?

Cadet Hats

I cant honestly say that I just don’t look good on them (what did I just say at the beginning?) but there are many people who like them (including my sister) she has like 5 of them and she wears them ALL THE WINTER! So, dare to be different and look cute on these cadet hats!


I really love how people look wearing these ones! You can rock them in several colors!

Bucket Hat

Cloché Hats

I love these ones! I just say that word and think about them and Angelina Jolie comes to my mind on the movie “Changeling”. I believe these ones are really feminine and they have been around since 1920’s. You NEED to wear them at least once.

Trapper Hat

These ones are more adventurous than the other ones. Usually, people dont like these because they look weird and kinda funny, but you know what? These are still in during 2012’s winter, so my advice is to go for it and wear them when is really cold because they are going to keep your head really really warm.

Now the hardest thing is to choose one!! or choose them all!

Let us which one is your favorite and why!



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