Is Summer! <3 Fashion Trend Report Summer 2012

Summer is approaching and you can tell everything is getting prettier, brighter and lovely! =)

Be prepared for all these feelings following trends for this season! But remember ALWAYS add something to the look to make it your own!

PEPLUM: Explosive and colorfull little skirts attached at the end of some jacket, blouse or dress. I love this trend! It looks so chic and fun to wear! Don’t forget to try the brigthest colors and textures.

TOPS: Tops, Tops everywhere!! I love this trend! What I don’t love is that many women can make the mistake of using it as the 90s fashion showing belly with a low-low waisted short or skirt! Remember to wear this with a high waisted skirt, shorts or jeans! So, get those abs into shape ’cause we are going to rock this trend out!

FLOWER POWER: Of course! This trend has to be IN every single summer, because how would you enjoy summer without flowers!?

LOVELY PASTEL: Even if is pink or mint, this colors are here to stay! Try to combine them and the results will be be D E L I C I O U S !

BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN – YELLOW!: This color comes with all its light! Is a MUST to have this color in your wardrobe for this season! If you are going to wear a skirt, try pale yellow such rust or mustard if not you are going to look like a bumblebee while mixing black in your outfit! But don’t be scare to mix it up with another colors such as Purple, mint or blue!

LACE: This trend is going to be IN no matter why or what! Just try to choose light lace cause sometimes we tend to confuse simple and delicate lace with bold and heavy lace (Used for winter!) XD Try to keep it simple and go for classy and cute laces! Don’t try to go to the dark side or even trashy! :O Pick colorfulllll, black is good too! =) If you’re not sure about using a full dress or skirt with lace all over it don’t worry! you can always try just a little bit of lace on the sleves, collar or shoulders! BE CAREFUL once again, this trend tends to be tricky so pick wisely!

MAXI DRESSES: This haven’t been a huge trend since I can remember! But they’ve always been IN at beaches! 🙂 They’re always been out there trying to make them in to being a fashion trend and Guess what? They’ve made it this season 2012!  Wear them with sandals so can feel you are using a beach outfit and just rock it out!

ASYMMETRICAL: I’m pretty youre you’ve seen this trend is most of the red carpets so is your turn to try it on! You can find it on blouses, skirts and dresses! So now you wont have any excuse to try it on!

Now you’re ready for summer!! Don’t forget to use accesories in FULL Color! and have fun mixing them! 🙂


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