How to survive your first semester in college!

As the spring semester of college starts, I thought we could all use some word of advice from someone who goes to college and has been there! When we hear or read the word college everyone gets scared, because we all think we’re going to end up failing all of our classes. In some cases that turns out to be true but that’s because people drown with a glass of water! When we think about finals and professors everything just turns out to be crazy! Imagine you, with no experience whatsoever, writing a 4 page, single-spaced essay. YES! IT HAPPENS! Then we have the homework and oh my do not forget about buying the right scantron.pexels-photo-313690.jpeg

OKAY STOP RIGHT THERE! Everyone let’s chill, it’s alright. I can help you, because I’ve been there trust me, please, just listen to me.


Extra copies in the library. I had the worst first year because of how expensive my books were. Here’s the reason why: NO ONE TOLD ME THE LIBRARY HAD EXTRA COPIES OF EACH CLASS. Yes! You read that perfectly. You do not need to buy every book your professor assigns you, because sadly they make you spend $100 to $200 for a textbook you only need a few pages of. Ask the librarian if they have the textbooks, if they don’t it’s okay.

Rent your textbooks. I know for people who like to write on their textbook this is a bad decision, but ask yourself a question, do you REALLY want to spend $100 just because you want to write on it? Get over it, save yourself $50 extra and spend it on another rented textbook.

Ask anyone you meet. This helped my second year of college, I met a lot of new people and I started to ask if they had the book I was looking for, the best thing about this? Students are willing to sell you the book by any price; just because they want to get rid of it. That history textbook you’re looking for, someone might want to get rid of it for only $20. Don’t be scared, ask and you might be surprised.

Note: Some professors want to see you burn in hell and in poverty too, so they ask you for the code to do online stuff. That my friend, I cannot help you with.


STUDY AND TAKE NOTES (at least a little)

Study. This is very fake coming from me, because I’m a dance major, but YOU *insert cool major* need to study hard! Don’t be a hypocrite and be honest professors, no one has the time to study 3 hours per class, NONSENSE! Students work, and some have to maintain a family. So this is my advice as a dance major, who got all A’s and one B my second year; don’t stress. Yes, read over the chapters a couple days before the test, but don’t overwhelm yourself with 5 chapters a day before. Believe me, it’s better to be relaxed and calm a day before the test and the day of.

Take notes. No one likes taking notes, but it’s just a thing that comes in the package if you go to college. Oh please! Do not write everything that’s on the board, instead of that read the book, it’s way better than bruising your hand. I suggest taking notes by writing them, because when you write stuff it’s like you’re repeating over and over, so just write instead of typing.


CHOOSE YOUR PROFESSORS WISELY Use this link to read reviews about every professor existing in your campus. USE IT! IT HELPS A LOT!

Don’t go the easy way out. Okay, here’s a really confusing part for me. If you want to pass the class you need an easy, fun, cool professor, although you are paying good money to take those classes; wouldn’t you like to at least learn something? I’ve had friends who take the easy professor and end up learning nothing but get an A. Also, I’ve had other friends who get the challenging professor, they learn something and they get an A as well. So, this really just depends on you and your philosophy in life. To learn or not to learn?



Don’t drop out. STOP RIGHT THERE, DON’T DROP! Talk to your professor first, some professors help you a lot and they care about their students passing. Hey, remember you’re spending all that money already, so might as well keep trying.

Chill. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is looking at you. No one cares. No one is judging you. Everyone in college is going through the same thing, they don’t know what they’re doing either okay? So, chill, be yourself, wear those ugly sweats on a cold day, someone might even wear their pajamas.

Talk to the advisors. How many times did I go to talk to an advisor? NONE. Oh but I wish I woul’ve. Advisors are great, they basically plan everything for you just to take, they are those great little angels you need when you’re lost and need help.

Meet with a group study. I know, we all hate socializing and stuff, but really this helps you a little. Plus, you get to meet new friends and hang out with me! Yeah whatever pass the test okay?

Finals. I dislike finals, but we all take them. DON’T STRESS. That is the worst you can do. Calm down, ask questions, eat well, drink lots of water and just try to do your best. This will sound cheesy but a grade doesn’t define your level of smart alright? So, have fun and stay calm for as long as you can.



Relax! No worries! You’re going to make it! 


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