How to lose a guy (and some friends) in 10 days. (No, is not about the movie) :)

People have asked me for this article, so here it goes my friends! 🙂

Since many many years, women have tought about what are they doing wrong? why can’t they have a long and healthy relationship? Me as a friend, as a sister and as a confident I’ve learn about mistakes and what they think are mistakes, but still, no woman is excluded from doing them. But let’s not call them mistakes, maybe just desperate screaming of feeling love! 😉 ¿Better?. The truth is that everyone can have a relationship! I’ve been thinking about what do movies, books, magazines, etc, etc say, and well, at the end, when you find the right one you’re going to realize that is true! If  these “mistakes” scare him or make him go away, well, maybe he tought you werent worth the try or just not enough attraction/love from his side!

Just remember, is not about please him! IS NOT! cause if it was like that then you would be FAKE! and thats not what we want! ¿Am I right? 😛  (I just wanted to point that out). And don’t forget, the other side has to put its effort to, dont be trapped in a one person relationship. We have to be ourselves but even with friends or family, these acts can be soffocating! I’m not going to start with the typical ones like, don’t call him every 5 minutes, don’t be so available, don’t be jelous, don’t be so in love, etc. We all know these ones since we were 5! But these ones could help you going throug relationships and friendships! 🙂

Anyway, just try to avoid these next mistakes, and the rest is up to you! =)

  • Is all about you! 

Is ok to have self confidence and try to sell yourself good when you are in those first dates. You are allowed to talk about your dreams in a future, for example: wanting to go to Hawaii for your next vacation or just how a good day you had that day! BUT ask him about the same things! I had this date where I went out with a guy and he talked about himself like he was some kind of prize, I dont know, but at the first hour I was like ammm.. ok.. I need to go home! Is great for guys to see you like to talk and to know that they can have a good conversation with you, just, dont abuse!

  • Say what you want!

One of the worst ones is to think that he is kind of psychic and during the first 2 dates he HAS/NEEDS to know that you like these kind of restaurant, these kind of music and you like/want him to continue dating! Believe me, a guy wants “signs” but true signs!!! Don’t expect him to know you are into him by “smizing” with your eyes! You need to tell him what you want! Guys.JUST.DONT. understand little/hidden hints.

  • Mouthwash please!

Is important for people in general to know that you are not around there dishing people and talking bad things about everyone! Is important to let people know your opinions, I understand that, but you are going to sound bitter and not happy and sometimes insecure talking about how everyone is against you and people are stupid because of this, because of that, save it for your best friends! They know how you are and they know what to do.

  • Shut up and drive listen!

This one can be related with point numer one. Is really important to pay attention to the other person, a friend, a guy, your mother, etc. Not be rude, be polite! Everyone deserves attention! 🙂

  • The past is in the past!

I understand that you’ve suffered and had past problems with other people in the past, well the past is where it has to stay, IN THE PAST! If you keep bringing the same thing over and over again, is going to affect you and affect the guy who’s with you. He deserves to be the only one in your life because you’re the only one in yours! Just remember people who’s out of your life is because better people are coming, so thank them for the lessons they taught you and move on!

  • Dont change me and I wont change you!

Girls think, for some reason, they can change everyone. Yes, you can tell him good ideas to dress a little more like this or even help him to buy new clothes, but dont try to change who he is! You chose him because of something and that something needs to stay there! If you are going to be with someone is because you like everything about that someone

  • Don’t ignore your friends!!

Yes, once we are in love we just think about being with him all the time! But what about those people who helped you all through the way, supported you, listened to you, cheered you up? Don’t forget about your friends! If everything goes great with him, they’re going to be with you BUT if he doesn’t, they’re going to wait for you with chick flicks, chips and lots of ice cream! 🙂

  • You complain, complain too much!

Is ok to talk about how your job was slow and how tired are you (once in a while) but bringing everything bad of your day everyday makes everyone fade away. You can complain! everyone has the right to, but just try to make everything better! I know this person that, no matter how bad my day is, (and believe me I’ve been worst at complaining) is always with a big smile for me and tries to make things better! No matter how bad is my day, well it can be worst than thank God for everyday trying to see at least ONE positive thing about your day

  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T

I know, this one is obvious but is true! Remember the things people tell about: if you don’t love yourself who’s going to love you then? And that’s totally T-R-U-E! You have to accept the person you are (flaws and everything) we are unique in our own way and we are happy because of that, right? So, according to my MALE friends, nothing is more attractive than a girl who loves herself in every single way!

  • I´m talking to YOU!

We always think people are always interested in everything we talk! Well, yes, we have friends and even our boyfriend can have lots of things in common with us, but what about when you watch the most romantic movie ever and you wanna tell him how awesome it was..mmmhhh..or the concert of this boy band you worship..mmmm… Yes, we can talk abot everything with our favorite person but don’t force people to be interested in what you are. Everyone has it own preferences!

  • PUSHing too much!

What I’ve learned all these past years is DON’T push things to happen! Is ok to try to make things work but pushing people and destiny is not ok! Sometimes you just have to think (sadly) if it’s mean to be is going to happen no matter how hard you push it! IS VALID to try! but if you tried and tried by yourself, and nothing is moving from the other side, is better to let go!

  • Comfortably comforted in our comfort zone

I think this is the favorite one from our moms! Are you really thinking you are going to meet people sitting there and waiting? life happens when you’re making plans, right? Just go out and have fun, don’t lock yourself in!

  • You can´t blame it on me!

We always tend to blame people from our mistakes. Don’t believe that if you have a boyfriend or more friends is going to solve your problems, Your problems are there with or without more people! No one is going to fix them for you, you can get a little BIT of help or support from them but at then end is your responsability to fix them up

  • BB, Iphone, Etc
DON’T, DON’T, DON’T, be entertained with your cellphone while talking to him/she/ anyone, is rude! You are ignoring them (few words)! All the txts can wait at least they’re urgent.
  • I think I´m paranoid! :S

Paranoid, I’ve been hearing this word a lot lately! hahah.. for a girl is impossible not to feel paranoid at certain level. This word comes after over-analizing things. I must confess I’m part of the paranoid ones! u.u is bad to be paranoid! Cause the only thing you know is desperate people, that’s the only truth! Don’t over analize things! What’s simple is true! You just need to have faith and trust in people!

And last but not least is BE YOURSELF!

I love to burst out in a song, being paranoid once in a while, I like to dance while walking on the streets and I talk too much! XD and someone likes these things in me! I know there is someone out there for every single girl.

Do you have any more suggestions for this list? Are guilty of commiting them!?


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