Top Hair Colors for Spring ’18

We all know that when it comes to hair color trends these don’t really change, they shift a little when a new season comes. Changing or altering your hair color can be subtle with a few highlights or dramatic as a coat of bright pink.

For 2018 the palette of colors it’s a little toned down walking away from 2017 silvers and neon colors; this year we are moving toward spicier shades, whether you’re daring with hair color or you want to play with highlights, these hair color trends are options for every at-home-dyer or salon-goer gal.

Rich colors such as Cinnamon Red and Cream Soda Pink are the favourites for the season,  Buttery Blonde and Caramel highlights will be the #1 technicques at every salon.

Cinnamon Red

Bryce Dallas
Bryce Dallas Howard via (

This rusty-coppery hair color is the next big thing. A blend of vibrant red and orange fit for your wild and free nature. It works perfectly with every skin tone light, medium or dark.  Light blondes or brunettes can achieve the look in a subtle way by adding highlights and lowlights to warm up their look and it makes a complete difference. TIP: if this isn’t your natural hue it will take you a little effort to maintain, we recommend that after your coloring use a color deposit conditioner to keep it vibrant 😉


Caramel Highlights
Sara Carbonero
Sara Carbonero
We love this mix of brown and blonde tones, it’s almost as a cozy holiday drink for those late winter – early spring days. This classic and timeless shade is indeniably everyone’s favourite and instantly makes us feel super sexy and insta-ready 🙂
The melting-over your hair technique will make the hair look deliciously warm and it’s also very low maintenance, a visit to the salon every 4 to 5 months will do the trick 😉 TIP: go to your favorite retail or professional hair store and ask for a purple shampoo in order to achieve the perfect caramel tone and avoid brassiness (orange/red tones)


Cream Pink

Cream Pink
Lauren Calaway via (


It instantly takes us back when we were little and dreamed about ice cream and sweets for dessert.  This light pink hair color is a creamy-hued spot between icy blonde and pink that’ll make you glow! Remember that in order to achieve this look you’ll need to lighten  your base color and then add the light pink,we recommend a demi or semi permanent hair color such as MANIC PANIC® NYC as it’s entire products are fantasy hues and with amazing quality.


Buttery Blonde

B Blonde
Elizabeth Olsen

As we wrote before Blonde trends are big for 2018 and this warm blonde is more natural looking. This trend is ideal for Spring/Summer. But truth be told, if you have a dark base color and are aiming to get this look you should start from very light base and it is a long time-consuming process that will ask for some effort from your part and several visits to the salon. The result is totally worth your money and time 🙂 TIP: as mentioned before the products post-coloration are key to keep your hair looking amazing, for blondes I can’t stress enough by saying please buy a purple shampoo formulated specially for blondes 🙂 this will save you a lot of stress.



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