…From my notebook: I Will ❤


Staring at the door, there’s so much life to come.

I must say is scary but things will happen even if I don’t want to

sitting here, listening to our song, so bored

picturing our perfect start of our lives together.

But seems like every time I think about it, something says no

many weird ideas appear in my head, stranged

there’s no reason for positivism to stay

but then I think of those moments and it all goes away.

I’m sorry, I’m not gonna give up, I won’t sit here for results, I won’t

I’ll try everything I have in mind and if it doesn’t work that’s fine

I’ll be glad, I’ll be sad but at least I tried.

I’ll close my eyes, won’t look at them

cause they’re gonna point out what’s wrong with our space

I’ll shut my ears, I’ll close my mind and I’ll just open my heart.

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  1. This is a beautiful poetry. Keep writing more 🙂

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