Experience Gifts: Why are they a good idea?

Hello, my fellow readers!

A few months ago, I put myself in that situation that every person faces each year: BUY A GIFT for my significant other. He is not the easiest person to shop for and I remember something he wanted to do a long time ago and I thought: I should give him a different gift this year, an experience gift. And it worked magic!

  • What is an experience gift? It’s not a physical gift. It’s the gift to someone to experience something (that they might not buy for themselves).
  • Why is it a good idea? Because it’s original! It’s an opportunity for that person to experience something that different.

To add up, these are some of the ideas that I found while searching for my husband’s gift. A little disclaimer over here: I DO NOT get paid if you click on their links. I just want to give some good ideas to you! 🙂

1.Top Golf


You can give free classes for $29 USD or 5 lessons for $125.  They also have the option to give gift cards.

2. Nascar Experiences


These ranges from $130 to $599. Just search your city on google and you will find different options. I have heard that this is one of the most famous options for boyfriends/husbands, but if it was given to me, I would enjoy it for sure!

3. Skydiving


This is the one that I gave my husband. Check for Groupon promos and you will save $$$!

4. Brewery tour/ Beer Crates


I gave my husband this gift when we were dating. He fell in love with the monthly box he received with the different type of beers. There are a ton of options for this service.

5. Tickets to any game!


Why not? Just make sure you are following their calendar to book in advance and make plans!

6. Archery Lessons


Personally, I would love to have archery lessons but I am so clumsy!

7.  Ancestry DNA Kit


My husband and I received this one for Christmas! It took a while to process it but OMG! I was so surprised! I even found a 3rd cousin. It is really interesting. I should write about it because it’s a really unique opportunity to know about your ancestors.

Be sure to check Groupon! They have many offers to this kind of gifts!

Have you used any of these gifts? Tell us about it in the comments!


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  1. Such great ideas! I have a hard time buying gifts for my husband every year. This might be just the thing for him!

    1. Seriously! I could use some of these for myself too! 🙂

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