Dating 101: Out-of-the-box date ideas!

So, my friend (let’s call her Britney) was dating this guy. He was everything she could ask for. He was cool, smart, talented, you know, what most girls want. BUT he had a really bad sense of dating. Dating for him was watching TV at home, and that’s it!

I know. I like to watch TV once in a while, but when you are dating, you want to learn more about this persons’ interests and passion. Dating is a game! It needs different scenarios, different locations and, of course, different adventures.

Therefore, I decided to compile a list of out-of-the-box date ideas to keep your dating interesting and new every day!

1.Arcades: $10-$20 USD per person

I honestly didn’t believe how much fun it is! My date turned out to be the geekiest (cute) person in the world while playing this.

2. Theme Restaurants: $60 per person

3. Gun Range: $10-$20 per person

4. Amusement Park: $50-$60 per person

5. Concerts in venue or parks: $20-$100 per person/ Parks are usually FREE

6. Rodeo (If there are rodeos in your city): $18-$30

7. Bowling (Obviously): $10-$20 per game

8. ABC dating- Varies

It means that every time you are going on a date, you choose something with that letter. Example:

1st date: Aquarium

2nd date: Bowling

3rd date: Concert

Etc, etc

9. Sports Games: $15-$120

10. Escape Rooms: $25-30 per person for an hour.

11. Comedy Club: Some are free and asks to buy drinks.

12. Rock Climbing: Starts at $30

13. Painting and wine: Starts at $25

14. Cooking Class: Starts at $75

15. Early Hiking: FREE

16. Dance Classes: Starts at $10 per person

17. Kick Boxing: Starts at $15 per person

18. Mini Golf/Putt Putt: Starts $10 per person

19. Brewery tour: Starts $15 per person

20. Jazz Club: Starts at $10 per person

21. City’s orchestra: Starts at $25 per person

22. Couple Massages: Starts at $50 per person

23. Laser Tag: Starts at $12 per person

24. Winery Tour: Starts at $15 per person

25. Archery lessons: Starts at $70 per person

26. Glassblowing: Starts at $150 per person

27. Ice skating/ rollerblading: Starts at $15 per person

28. Theather play/Ballet show: Starts at $25 per person

29. Fun run/ 5k/ Marathon: Starts at $25 per person, depending on the popularity of the run

30. Doggy Park: FREE

There you go!

I hope you find these ideas interesting and try to do, at least, 10 🙂

Do you have any other ideas for a date? Let us know in the comments below



7 Replies to “Dating 101: Out-of-the-box date ideas!”

  1. So many great ideas! My boyfriend and I created a jar to put date ideas in. I think I’ll be adding some of these in there! 🙂

  2. These are great! I never would have thought to do some of these before and the hubs is usually up for anything so it wouldn’t be hard to convince him to do some of the more untraditional ones. Thanks!

  3. Great ideas! I can’t wait to try a few. Thank you!

  4. These are fun ideas! My husband and I have been together for 10 years but we’re still newlyweds. Will definitely consider some of these for our date nights! Thanks for sharing!!

  5. So many fun ideas, gonna take my bae bowling soon haha

  6. These are all great ideas! I would love to try a few of these with my longtime boyfriend. He would like love the escape room.

    Thanks for sharing.

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