Best Hairstyling Products January 2018

As a girl with a pretty difficult hair, I’ve bought many, MANY hairstyle products. They are just so hard to find! I am a mom and a student! I don’t have time to dry it, style it, make it pretty, here and there, etc.

I searched and I’ve found the Best Hairstyling products on​ the market right now!

10. American Crew Styling hair

$15.67 – $0.49 per Oz
My husband introduced me to this brand. And well, he has a good eye for products.

Reviews say: “Great product, big bottle. Little can go a long way. Used this product for years, great price. Not a super firm gel that won’t let your hair move, but a styling gel that works to style your hair the way you want it. Suggest styling while hair is damp, not soaking wet. Keeps hair in place, however, if going to be active and play sports and you have longer hair, it will not necessarily keep the same style ​before you started”

“The BEST hair gel out there!!! I have very wavy hair when I grow my hair out and this is strong enough to slick back my hair back and my hair stays down. I am the type of guy that likes buying different brands of the same type of supplement just to see what else is out there. With hair gel, I have no desire to try a different brand.”

9. SheaMoisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Strengthen & Grow Leave-In Conditioner

$10.45 – $.65 per Oz
This is an Amazon Choice Product

Reviews say: “This stuff is AMAZING! I have pretty boring straight hair and I only color it once in a while but it tends to get oily very easily, especially when using a leave in. I saw this in my local Walgreens and decided to give it a try and IM SO GLAD I DID!! It leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny and so light. There is absolutely no residue and it makes my hair feel incredible. A lot of the reviews here are from women with curly or natural hair and I just want to throw this out there, this product works great for straight hair too!!”

“Was not a fan of the curl enhancing smoothie but this formula does what it said it would and is consistent. I do pair this with the styling lotion and complete my look with eco styler gel. When my hair dries i remove the “crunch” with coconut oil. I can easily get 4 day hair on my 3c/4a curls:-)”

8. DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel

$13.99 – $1.17 per Oz
Amazon’s Choice

Reviews say: “Used to have very curly hair, but I’ve noticed that as I’ve become older, my curls are becoming more flat. I’ve tried so many products to get my curls to hold again but not make them crunchy. This product creates the exact look that I have been aiming for. Highly recommended!”

“Yay! Finally, a product that works! After trying the light gel and one other, this is the winner. I use it with B’leave in. Love it!”

7. Detangling Brush

Amazon’s Choice

Reviews say: “I’m a single dad of a 6 years old girl and combing her hair is the hardest part of taking care of her. She gets really bad knots in her hair. This brush is the only thing that has ever worked. Thank you so much. She even likes to comb her own hair now.”

“I always skeptical of products that claim to “glide through”, but this brush actually works! I have very thick kinky coily hair and this brush passes through my hair easily both wet and dry. I’d recommend this product to anyone looking for a good detangling brush. And yes, I’m leaving my denman brush for this one.”

“My Granddaughter has really curly hair. I have used the Wet Brush in the past, but this brush far exceeds it. I would recommend this brush to anyone with thick curly hair”

6. it’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In product

$16.69 – $3.34 per Oz

Reviews say: “the best item to use for damaged hair. make sure you spray in your hands and then put in hair, when spraying the bottle to hair becomes a bit sticky”

“A really good product! It does not smell strong and it solves my frizzy problem while making my hair shine, but not look greasy.”

5. Kenra Volume Spray

$11.89 – 1.18 per Oz

Reviews say: “No other spray is as good. I have been using it for about 30 years since it came out I believe. I introduced it to my hair dresser who owns her own shop.She loves it as well and she sells it. I personally got probably hundreds of people to try it. It is like no other. It gives lift and it’s very workable with less product… I personally love it because you can comb through it if you don’t like the way it looks and start over. It holds very well. In most cases all day…”

“I love this spray because it works well even in humidity. I have very fine hair and it really holds well, but doesn’t flake if I need to brush it out and restyle. It does stiffen my hair, but it separates easily when I run a wide-toothed​ comb or my fingers through my hair. It also adds great volume.”

4. Suavecito Pomade Original Hold

$9.89 – $1.77 per Oz
Amazon’s Choice

Reviews say: “A little goes a long way guys and girls. Great for comb overs with longer hair and shaved sides. Just add water on your hands and you can almost do anything. Holds very well, if not raining. The hold is not like gel. Your hair looks the same, but just stays where you placed it. Awesome for the people who style daily!”

“I have purchased what promised to be the best holding pomade from a salon for a crazy price. None compared to this Great Product. Not gooey hair stays where you want it and it lasts all day.”

And now, we are entering the Top 3 of this category; Drumroll, ​please!

3. American Crew Forming Cream

$10.61 – $3.54 per Oz
Amazon’s Choice

Do you remeber how I mentioned my husband and his good taste? This is his must have product! He uses it every single day!

Reviews say: “I like this Crew Forming Cream, it’s light and easily applied to your hair, I just take about the size of a quarter and rub that in my hand and then apply to my hair. Make sure not to leave the lid off as it will dry out the cream and make it thicker and stickier which makes your hair clump together.”

“I have tried almost all other forming creams available. For the price here on Amazon this one can’t be beat. Local store charges almost $20 for it. Set it up on autoship, save a few bucks, and you will always have it. I keep one in my travel bag for work and another on the counter by the sink. Fantastic product!”

and the runner up for best of the month is:

2. Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil

$11.99 – $0.75 per Oz
Amazon’s Choice

Reviews say: “I love this oil. I was using a different kind of oil and when that bottle was out, I decided to get this one. But, was that the right the decision. I love the fact that it is unscented. I used it everywhere, for my hair, all over the body and face. It is so gently that I can use it on my baby and my 7 year old girl. We all suffer from dryness and rough skin but this oils is amazing. Surprisingly, it is not too oily that would make us look shiny. It leaves the skin sooooo soft. It’s just wonderful. Another great thing about it is the size. You get so much product for a fabulous price. Oils anywhere else are so expensive or cheap but poor quality. I highly recommend this Sweet Almont Oil. I will soon be purchasing my second bottle.”

“I love my almond oil! This should be added to every woman’s shower. The easy pump makes it convenient to add to hair and skin when in the shower.
Pure Almond Oil
Easy pump
Wonderful shipping
No Need!
I certainly will be purchasing again!”

And the winner of this Month is:

1. HSI Professional Thermal Protector with Argan Oil

$14.95 – $1.48 per Oz
Amazon’s Choice

Reviews say: “I have curly hair, so when I decided to try out bangs, I knew I’d have to straighten them regularly. I was nervous because curly hair tends to be drier as it is, and was worried my bangs would start to look like straw. I didn’t know how well this would work, but thought I’d give it a try. 5 months later, after straightening my bangs daily and using this product, my hair is shiny and soft. There have been a few days I’ve forgotten to use this spray first, and have definitely noticed the difference. Without using this, my bangs are much more frizzy and unruly. They’re quite noticably better behaved whenever I use this!”

“My daughter is biracial with very curly, course, dry hair. She loves to straighten her hair which makes the dryness worse. Its usually very frizzy and it usually only lasts a couple of hours before the unruly frizzies come back. We have tried the hair mask and the flat iron that HSI sells and they work great so I decided that we would try this. I’m so glad I did, its amazing. It leaves her hair shiny, and smooth and its so much more healthy looking. The protector smells nice and does not make the hair greasy or weigh it down. I highly recommend this product!”

I hope you find this list usuful and you search for your new favorite hair product!

Do you have a favorite product that is not on the list? Let us know so we can review it too!


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