How to do Winter Layering like a Pro ❆❅❆

When it comes to look “cool” in  the winter time, we’ve found the most gorgeous outfits to wear even in the face of harsh weather 🙂 don’t worry you will not have to sacrifice your style. Layering is the perfect way to add your signature touch to the winter blues and it’s also the perfect occassion to wear almost all  you closet at once (kidding 😛 ) We are here to help! So instead of looking desperately through your closet and tossing clothes all around take a look at these simple tips:



Because two coats are better than one…

Light jackets and puffy coats can be worn together without any stress, the result are a chic combination.  By wearing a small jacket under a heavy coat you add dimension to your look by  mixing different color, textures or patterns. TIP: if you feel too bulky, you can rock the heavy coat off the shoulders, which is a trend I personally try on a regular basis 🙂


If one of these days you feel a little daring, you can pull off this wonderful look even if you are not a rock n roller. All you need is to pair it with your simple kind of sweater, light or dark jeans and those gorgeous ankle boots you’ve been wearing to take out of your closet once and for all.  If it gets too chilly in your hometown you can just throw on a jumbo size scarf which are super trendy at the moment and super comfy 🙂
This up and coming trend is my personal favorite. Sometimes we are forced to brace the cold weather and it makes total sense to cover our body as much as we possibly can, but also these coats add just the perfect amount of chicness needed. Throw it on and pair it with a chunky sweater and your favorite stilettos, perfection! If you are a petite girl you needn’t worry! Just keep the inside as tailored as possible so the heavy fabric  doesn’t give you a “drowning” effect. As for tall girls, keep your inside with clean lines and perfectly tucked in.
A denim jacket is a must-have on every girl’s closet, it can be worn on all 4 seasons, but for this layering it’s advised to be worn underneath your knitted coat as an inside layer 🙂 the combination with denim reminds us of a cozy-chilly sunday afternoon.

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